Make your money work for you with insight and advice from an experienced business management expert backed by a powerful and focused firm. HP & Co. helps you understand your wealth so together we can maximize it. Partnering with our network of financial advisors, we help you make strategic investment decisions and implement spending, budgeting and expense tracking systems that will ensure every dollar is directed with purpose towards achieving your goals.

Keep one eye on the future with customized tax and estate planning. At HP & Co. we help you stay ahead of Uncle Sam’s ongoing demands, maximize the money earned in your wealth accumulation years, and understand how your life will play out as your legacy. You’ll benefit from our network of high-profile tax and estate planners to ensure smooth succession of both your personal and business assets, as well as manage your tax picture today.

Everyone’s financial situation is not without risk. HP & Co. will proactively and consistently seek to identify risk exposure, possible liabilities, and unforeseen expenses. We build actionable plans to solve for potential issues and protect your best interests both in business, and in life.

Keep your personal affairs in order with family office services from HP & Co. Using our vast network of vendors and professional services, we assist with asset acquisition and management to keep your lifestyle in order. Family office services are essential for the complex needs of high net worth individuals and families, and allow you to focus on optimizing your wealth and maintain confidence in the future.

Giving back is important to many people, but understanding how to position your philanthropy so that it makes the greatest impact is an important part of the work we do. We’ll help facilitate conversations about charitable planning to foster collaboration and to leave a meaningful legacy.

Why Hire HP & Co.

At HP & Co., we don’t just help you balance your books, we help you balance your life. Together we work to ensure that whether we are addressing your business needs or the needs of you as an individual, we position you to succeed! We are a firm that embraces the changing landscapes of finance, technology, and the global economy of our times, and our approach is proactive, dependable and solution-oriented. Consider us the extension of your business operation that brings you peace of mind in knowing with confidence, that we have got your back-office.

About Hannah Peaslee

Hannah Peaslee has risen through the ranks of the finance and business management industries over the years and has brought her insight and experience together through the development of HP & Co. At the outset of her career, you’d find Hannah working with a leading retail bank, where she moved up the ladder to investment banking. She has worked with prestigious investment institutions managing high net worth clients in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Hannah learned the attention-to-detail required through her work with well-known business management firms in Los Angeles and has branched out on her own to focus on helping entrepreneurs manage their portfolios, businesses, and lives. Working with her well-connected and influential network, Hannah ensures that her clients are always connected to the right people at the right time. Hannah has a special interest in helping to build community and support for women entrepreneurs and is a member of The W Source and The XX Project, both female-centric networking groups focused on supporting and promoting the growth of female professionals.

The Benefits of Having HP & CO In Your Corner

Representing You

We represent YOU. At HP & Co., our success is the success of our clients. We are focused on creating a successful future bespoke to each individual and business that we work with.

Sound Decisions

We help you make sound decisions, in a way that you will be empowered to understand.

Professional Resources

We open our deep network of high caliber professional resources to you.


We help you to make sense of the dollars and cents and implement systems to ease your day to day, so that you can truly enjoy your wealth rather than feeling burdened by it.

What Our Clients Say

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